Target Market Segments For Ecostar

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Target Market Segments for Ecostar
To ensure successful marketing for the Ecostar, it is most crucial to identify the best target market segment for this new automobile. When it comes to buying hybrid automobiles, there are certain customers who would more likely be interested in purchasing this kind of vehicle. Identifying the best target market segments will allow Nighthawk Motors to better strategize how to attract potential customers. The best group that should be targeted for marketing for the Ecostar is the middle class. Middle-class consumers have certain values in mind when they are making purchases. While they are able to live comfortably, they still want to have the best quality products for the amount of money that they spend. Low-class consumers are more likely to buy automobiles that are used due to higher financial restrictions (Blombäck, 2005). While high-class consumers are likely to buy new automobiles, they are also more likely to buy luxury brand automobiles (Blombäck, 2005). Because Ecostar is a new automobile, middle-class consumers are the best target market as they are more likely to look to purchase a new automobile that is also cost efficient. Another target segment are consumers who are environmentally conscious. Hybrid automobiles pose many benefits that environmentally conscious consumers can appreciate. Hybrid automobiles have better gas mileage, which allows hybrid drivers on average five additional miles per gallon compared to non-hybrid
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