Target Marketing Decisions

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In this article How Does Target Know so Much about Its Customers? Utilizing Customer Analytics to Make Marketing Decisions, authors describe data mining program, types of data needed to identify changes in consumer behavior, privacy issues that arise with data mining, and customer analytics support marketing decisions. Target customer behavior is tracked, analyzed, and possibly shared with other business, whenever shoppers make a purchase or browse on its Web site. In fact, all three authors enlightened, “Target Corporation is a leader in analyzing vast amounts of data to identify buying patterns, improve customer satisfaction, predict future trends, select promotional strategies, and increase revenue ”(Corrigan, Craciun, Powell 159). Target…show more content…
It became an issue for consumer, and they felt uncomfortable due to companies invaded consumers privacy without their consent. Another issue regarding data mining is there no clear policies around how the company uses data once they have collected the information. After Target received negative publicity regarding its original data mining approach, they change their strategy by mixing all their ads, so it not that obvious that they were spying on them. It makes customers’ to assume that everyone else gets same coupons and ads. Data mining has given Target awareness into the relationship between product sales and online reviews. Target retailers identify guests how write reviews, examining their history of purchasing and invited to write review on their products. This program was highly successful, leading Target to obtain incremental reviews and increase sales of those key products. More importantly, data mining has empowered companies to find new opportunities for growth, make better decisions to succeed business goals and safe money. The retailer industry utilizes data mining and customer analytics to support customer decisions. Exploring how collected data can be manipulated to identify customers buying patterns and increase profitability is a growing business
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