Target Marketing

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Target marketing Introduction In concentrating with the selected market for our products, the expected outcome is cost-effectiveness and high returns. The major problem encountered is customers are spread over different continents with a wide range of media services available at their disposal hence the big decision of which medium to use to reach them. It is very expensive to post adverts in all the social and business internet sites ADDIN EN.CITE Vedin2011226(Vedin, 2011)2262266Vedin, B.A.The Design-Inspired Innovation Workbook2011New JerseyWorld Scientific Pub Co Inc9789814289634 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_3" o "Vedin, 2011 #226" Vedin, 2011). The benefits of branded sites for advertisement are the customers would know where to get the selected commodities of his/her choice; the products would also reach the specific target group and reduces the costs of posting adverts in varied sites unsure if your target group will view it. The proposed business solution to the problem is coming up with a specified branded site that is well structured to meet the needs of the company and those of the target group to ensure success in marketing and satisfying the needs of the customer ADDIN EN.CITE Rimanoczy2008224(Rimanoczy & Turner, 2008)2242246Rimanoczy, I.Turner, E.Action Reflection Learning: Solving Real Business Problems by Connecting Learning with Earning2008BostonDavies-Black
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