Target Marketing : Marketing Strategy

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Target marketing includes 3 main activities. Identify and describe those activities.
At times as an initiative to attract a cluster of customers who share similar interest in a product that a company or person is selling merchandizers create strategies to set up target markets. In order to effectively capture the interest of the target market thorough research is performed to recognize customers that purchase these products and strategize ways to capture their interest. In order to reach these customers market segmentation, market targeting, and market positioning are all exercised as a target marketing strategy. Market segmentation aims at building customer connection this expands the understanding of the uniqueness of target customer, their conduct and also helps suppliers to customize their target marketing strategies to specific customers or groups (Liu, Li, Peng, Lv & Zhang, 2015).
In effort to target these specific customers who share similar interests market research is performed on specific segments such as a certain geographic region, groups that shares a certain age, education, and those that has similar earnings, and interests (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Market segmentation is an important part of a companies marketing strategy because it identifies the applicable segment and position their various publicity mediums which entreaties groups within that segment. When selecting a target market different variables are reviewed in order to determine the most appropriate
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