Target Marketing : Nick 's Diner II Markets Essay

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8. Strategies 8.1. Target marketing: Nick’s Diner II markets to a broad range of groups, and individuals. Although, for the context of this marketing plan, the targeted population is families, the elderly, and adults 30-45 in the area. As Nick’s Diner II is located in a suburb with a large population of families, and next to an elderly retirement community, it seems logistical that these large populations, which hold a large portion of the disposable income would be targeted. In addition, adults in the targeted age rage have a high probability of having started a family the inclusion of which also grasps the percentage of outlier whom have not started a family, have been widowed, or are married without kids. 8.2. Positioning: In a slowly improving economy, customers still want value, the large portions, and low prices at Nick’s Diner II gives the customers the value they expect. Compared to the numerous fast food restaurants in the area, Nick’s Diner II offers customers nearly equal prices, with better quality and quantity. Along with including the expectations of these customers, Nick’s Diner II also offers a family ran business to support. With this papers plan to appeal to the elderly, families, and adults 30-45 years old, Nick’s Diner has the ability to satisfy each segment. Positioning slogan and statement: The slogan “Join our family at Nick’s Diner II for a memorable dining experience, no need for a coupon, because here everyone gets the friends and family

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