Target Oil Spill

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As a result of the major oil spill that happened recently in the United States, unemployment is expected to rise along the gulf coast. It is estimated that this oil spill will pull the already high unemployment national average up to 11-12%. Consumer spending will drop as a result of this, damaging the regional economy. This would have an impact on Target’s sales along the gulf coast, considering that places on the gulf coast were some of the major spots for tourism here in the United States. If we have goods being shipped to us from other suppliers, the oil spill could potentially affect them and we could have a shortage of goods and merchandise. This would cost a loss of sales and impact our revenues and expenses on the financial statements. This would also cause us to lose customers if we do not have the supplies that they need in stock.…show more content…
We have to make sure we keep our customers happy so that we don’t lose them in the long run. Therefore, we should have a clearance sale on similar products and brands to accommodate the customers needs at that time. We could also give the customers a rain check on the sale prices of the goods that are out of stock, to ensure that they get the same great price and as an apology for the inconvenience. Gift cards could also be used as a promotion tactic to keep the customers buying other products in
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