Target Organizational Structure

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Target Structure Sierra Phelps MGT/230 March 10, 2014 George DeMetropolis Target Structure “Expect more, pay less” this slogan is known throughout the United States that links amazing service and quality products at a great price from one convenient location, Target. Target has a long history of providing a wide variety of products from fashionable clothing for all members of the family to your everyday essential needs such as toiletries and cleaning supplies. Behind every wildly successful corporation is a strong organizational structure. Target has an extensive organizational structure that helps them provide the amazing products they do at even better prices. Target’s organizational structure is a functional…show more content…
That is how a Target store is organized and the management team is executed. One of Targets biggest competitors is Wal-Mart and surprisingly they have a different type of organizational structure. “…our new structure will align three very successful operating divisions – Logistics, Real Estate and Store Operations under a unified leadership team. We will organize into three distinctive geographic business units (GBUs) – Walmart West, Walmart South and Walmart North”("Wal-Mart", 2014). Unlike Target, Wal-Marts stores and distribution centers are broken into three sectors not four. This is very surprising because Wal-Mart has over 4,000 stores in the United States and Target has only 1,797. Even though the mission of these two stores is extremely similar, providing a wide arrangement of quality products at reasonable prices, they are managed very differently. Wal-Marts upper management is far different than that of Target; however their store management is almost a mirrored projection. They have a general manager and two co-managers. After that they have assistant managers, then department managers the quantity of those management positions is based off of store size and volume. Now you have reached the lowest level which is basic, hourly employees. Target stores
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