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Active Power (NASDAQ: ACPW)
11 analysts track the Active Power (NASDAQ: ACPW) stock. The most bullish and bearish target for the stock IS $210 and $130 respectively. The average of all the analysts comes to $173.64. The estimated standard deviation from the target is $23.67.

Activision Blizzard Inc (NASDAQ: ATVI)
The consensus price target for Activision Blizzard Inc (NASDAQ: ATVI) from the 13 securities analysts who monitor the stock is $108.15 with a standard deviation of $8.18. The most optimist analyst believes that the stock can reach $122, however, the pessimist price target for the company is $97.

Actua Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTA)
The equity analysts who are positive on Actua Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTA) expect it to touch $172, whereas the others negative on the stock expect to trade at $82 in the future. This is a highly followed stock with 27 equity analysts covering it. The average price for the stock is $133.37 with an expected fluctuation of $18.63.
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The highest target given to the stock is $20 and the lowest target is $15. They expect the variance to be within $1.69 of the average price.

Acuity Brands Inc (NYSE: AYI)
Acuity Brands Inc (NYSE: AYI) attracts considerably low interest from the research analysts with only two rating the stock. While one believes that the stock is likely to rise to $14, the other analyst believes that the stock is likely to reach $5. The average of the two comes to $9.5 and the standard deviation is $6.36.

Acura Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ACUR)
The average target price of Acura Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ACUR) according to the two financial analysts is $87 with an expected standard deviation of $10. The most aggressive target on the stock is $100, whereas the most downbeat target is
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