Target Segments of Jetstar Essay

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5/6/2011 S23220059 | Ken Koh Cong Kang |

JETSTAR AIRWAYS | MCD 2050 Marketing Major Assignment |

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
1. Introduction4 1.1Purpose of Report4
1.2 Background of Jetstar4
1.3 Segmentation5
1.4 Plan of Report5
2. Discussion6
2.1 Product Category6
2.2 Major Competitors6
2.3 Brand Package and Label7 2.3.1 Brand7 2.3.2 Package8 2.3.1 Label9
2.4 Target Segments10
2.5 Needs and Wants11
3. Conclusion13
4. Recommendations14
5. Reference List15

Executive Summary
The purpose of the report is to critically review the appropriateness of the services in Jetstar (JS) for the target segment which is identified as leisure travelers. Through extensive research, this report evaluates ideas of
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* Demographics – As JS reveals its customers as leisure travelers, many factors of demographics do not relate to them as in the market of airline industry, consumers can be of any gender, age families size etc. One aspect in demographics however, is income. The income of the consumers in JS ranges from low income to even the highest income based of the preference of consumer’s choices. * Psychographic - JS provides two variations of cabin classes (Star Class and Economy) to meet the different needs and wants of consumers. The strategies of JS have attracted a market that have a simple need to reach their destination at the cheapest rates. * Behavioral – refers to the consumer behavior when consuming the products. Characteristics include frequency of consumption, buyer readiness and loyalty. Frequent flyer programs and the cheap and flexible ticket prices can result in consumer’s loyalty to the airline. 1.4 Plan of Report

This report will consider the appropriateness of the services offered in Jetstar for leisure travelers in its discussion, and will draw a conclusion on how certain concepts of these strategies can be utilized by managers at JS. Also, the interpretation of the different product strategies JS can implement. Lastly, the report will provide recommendations that could be implemented by JS for improvement to better understand the buyer’s characteristics.

1. Discussion 2.5 Product Category

A product is defined
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