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Targeting and Positioning the iPod There are many factors to consider when marketing a new or existing product. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are important when identifying the specific target market, examining the role that consumer behavior plays when applying basic marketing concepts, and examining the impact of purchase trends on consumer behavior. Internal and external influences on consumer behavior are all factors that must be considered when applying marketing strategies. Learning and memory theories are also factors considered when applying marketing strategies. In addition, strategies for
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Yet positioning takes into consideration more than just how a customer feels about a particular product. Areas such as channels of distribution and overall budgeting and cost must also be considered in the strategic plan on how to best deploy any product. Apple has chosen to distribute the iPod in a manner consistent with many of its current products and it is no surprise leading the pack is their Internet sales. However, it has also taken another unique approach to putting this product in the hands of consumers. Apple is currently running a promotion in which it is giving away an iPod Nano to those college students who are purchasing their more expensive Mac PCs. Apple believes that this approach will not only lead to greater brand recognition but also contribute to profits that are collected from those individuals downloading videos, songs, and more via their web links.
Purchasing Trends
Globalization is having a major impact on purchasing trends, but iPod has yet to reap the fruits of increasingly lucrative foreign markets. The world is becoming smaller, largely due to advances in technology that facilitate communication on a global basis. The youth in countries like India and China frequent McDonalds and don Levi’s yet they have not accepted the iPod for a number of reasons.

Apple will have to pursue an international scope in its marketing efforts. The organization has already taken such action by using
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