Targeted Population Case Study

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A. Discuss and describe how organization issues have impacted your targeted population.
Some organizations and groups have come up to create awareness and sensitivity on schizophrenia. These organizations offer support to both schizophrenics and their families, helping them to cope with the disease. The organizations also provide a means for the schizophrenics to meet, and share their experiences which give them a sense of belonging. They offer education concerning the disease to both schizophrenics and their families, and this helps in managing stressful situations in their lives.
10. Social work roles and anticipated outcomes (10 points).
A. Define and describe four social worker roles you will use to address your targeted population
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By monitoring a schizophrenic, the social workers will help them lead stable lives and help them improve their social skills, thus be able to integrate well into the society. The will help the schizophrenics draw out of their shells and get the appropriate treatment such therapy, and they will help the patients be compliant with their medication.
A. Discuss and describe all of the anticipated outcomes that can be expected from using the theory you have selected with each of the four social work roles.
A combination of CBT and the social workers in a patient's life will help to integrate better the patient into the society and help the patient in dealing with and managing asocial skills. Patients can be taught vocational skills which can help them function in their normal life, get access to services makes them productive members of the society. There may also be fewer stigmas associated with schizophrenia. This is because the patient will be calmer, and due to CBT, their behavior will be modified to reduce the occurrence of delusions and hallucinations. Schizophrenics will also be able to engage in income generating activities, making them productive members of the
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