Targeting a National Strategic Action Plans in Aichi Targets, Japan

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If India was not much into targets, there were some other countries which have already started implementing the targets in their National Strategic Action Plans Countries Initiatives 1. Japan Japan has always kept an upper hand in implementing for the Aichi Targets as the COP10 was conducted in Nagoya. It has also established the Japan Biodiversity Fund, due to which a series of regional, sub regional and global workshops is being organized in all regions of the world to initiate the process of translating the Aichi Targets into national priorities and ultimately national laws and regulations especially like implementation and technical support; social, economic and legal matters; scientific, technical, technological matters; access and benefit sharing; biosafety; ‘Satoyama’ initiative (Satoyama landscape is a traditional Japanese multi-functional land use system in which agricultural practices and natural resource management techniques are used to optimize the benefits derived from local ecosystems. The products obtained (including food and fuel) help safeguard the community against poverty, but without degrading the land, water or other resources ); NBSAP workshops.11 2. Europe Transforming Aichi Targets into National Targets - With the support of, and in collaboration with, the International Academy for Nature Conservation, a division of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

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