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Target’s Supply Chain Unit 2 Assignment Janell GB570 Managing the Value Chain Aaltonen, P. Kaplan University September 20th, 2012 Target’s Supply Chain The main purpose of this paper is to show my knowledge of the supply chain and relate it to Targets supply chain reviewing if target has an efficient supply chain set up. The head corporate office is in Minniapolis but target has many stores throughout the world. Their main strength is their customer service which keeps the customers remaining faithful not only to the store but to targhets personal brand as well. If you want to know the effectiveness of targets supply chain then continue to read and relate what I am saying to your pwn personal shopping experience. By the…show more content…
Now the process is done electronically which leave little room for human errors. When Target receives its shipments it is received not only using the online computer system but the same APP is used on the hand held pda’s. This makes it easier to receive the trucks and to cancel any truckload before it comes to the store. Also being able to see the shipment a head of time allows the company to distribute the merchandise to the stores that are in need of the merchandise. This is a big part of the chain because if the merchandise is not shipped then the company might not be able to meet the demand of the consumer. In order to meet their needs the product must be in stock. Target has a strong logistics background. So not only is supply incorporated but the demand segment is also. Suppliers The company has two types of suppliers, local and oversees. The main concept is to make sure the correct price is getting to the customer. The suppliers range from to U.S. to china (mainland) to India and Pakistan. They have many suppliers across the world. Target uses EDI, which is electronic data interchange. This saves time because all transactions are done electronically which leaves room for fewer errors. The process is cost effective and created with speed. All data is transferred between the suppliers and target. The process starts from Target creating the order and it ends with the supplier getting their payment. The suppliers also keep track on how the
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