Target's Flawed Advertisement Analysis

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and ultimately eliminating the false body image standards that could potentially arise from such advertisements. Though sometimes you don't even need a disclaimer to tell whether a picture is retouched or not. In March, 2014, Target took part in one of the biggest photoshop fails known to man. After the release of their 2014 summer bathing suit line, Target had realized they made a huge mistake. One of their photoshop experts had an almost seemingly Photoshop-happy-hands mistake on one of the teenage models. Her already toned and thin thighs were erased to seem even more appealing to the thigh gap trend. This wouldn’t have been too noticeable if the editor hadn’t accidentally removed part of her pelvis, including the bathing suit being advertized.…show more content…
Artists, editors and photographers plead the fact that they were provided with such great tools, but are constantly criticized for using them. Although there have been some very questionable fails in ads that deal with Photoshop, there have also been some very successful trials with Photoshop. Even though Victoria’s Secret models’ are retouched to have the ideal “beach bod”, they are also and inspiration for most people. According to Holmstrom in 2004, “results of studies done by both Crouch and Degelman (1998) and Biocca (1992) have shown that media increases positive body image, rather than a negative body image, in young women.” The exposure to these models’ beautiful bodies supposedly raises a positive body image amongst young women. Self esteem is raised because they aim to achieve the bodies portrayed to them in the media. Victoria’s Secret is obviously reaping benefits from this as well. Being one of the most famous lingerie stores in the United States and selling their bras from prices anywhere from $20-$258 (for one of their Designer Collection lingerie sets) along with the millions of women and teenage girls shopping at the store for the perfect fit that makes more self-confident, even if they’re the only one that ever sees their
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