Taschen Is A Publishing House With A Reputation For Excess

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Taschen is a publishing house with a reputation for excess and exclusivity. Last year, when Taschen first issued this lush art book of surfing photography of the 1960s and 1970s by pioneer Leroy Grannis, it had the additional subtitle "Birth of a Culture" and it was boxed in a deluxe signed, numbered and limited edition. To get one of those today, you 'd have to spend about $2,000. For those of us not likely to pay two grand for anything that can 't be programmed, plugged-in or driven, here is an equally beautiful edition at a much more affordable price. Between the covers are superb photos of the golden age of surfing, before the sport became bloated from corporate sponsorship. Grannis captured bronze gods in jams shooting the pier at…show more content…
The essence of the Grannis images, which have been edited by Taschen 's resident pop culturist Jim Heimann, is captured in the big boards, the even bigger waves, the matching windbreakers, the cool jalopies, the fresh faces and the hard bodies that were foundational elements of cutting edge surf culture. This book stirs your blood and makes you want to run to the beach. Leroy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s Edited by Jim Heimann Taschen, 276 pages, $40
A lot of us take cameras with us when we go visit family; when we go to various events like weddings, anniversaries, and other parties. We all hope to capture great shots of our families and friends (not that the ones of them in the middle of eating are not great. . . .). Candid photography gives you a chance to take photos of the action that happens at family events. You capture friends and family in their true form, with genuine smiles on their faces. What follows are some tips for taking candid photography. Prepare the camera. Preset your camera for the environment you are in. Are you in a dim setting? Then set your ISO to at least 400. If you have a point and shoot camera, then set the setting to dim indoor lighting. This way your camera will be ready to capture the events with the present lighting. If the setting is in a bright environment with lots of light, then set your ISO to below 400 or choose the setting for bright light. If you can, take a few test shots to see how the
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