Essay on Taser Guns

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Police misconduct and abuse of power has always been an issue in the American Society. As time progresses so does the world around us, in particular, technology advancement plays a major issue in our everyday lives. With the rapid advancement in technology, issues of law enforcement and its power have to be addressed. The issue is, whether problems created when new technologies and the criminal justice system meet a positive one or do the negatives outweigh the positives. The main focus is the use of tasers by law enforcement. “The Taser is a hand held “conducted energy weapon” that uses propelled (i.e., shot) wires to send out or conduct energy that affects the sensory and motor functions of the central nervous system (Paul V.…show more content…
“An incident late Tuesday night in which a UCLA student was stunned at least four times with a Taser has left the UCLA community questioning whether the university police officers’ use of force was an appropriate response to the situation…A six-minute video showed Tabatabainejad audibly screaming in pain as he was stunned several times with a Taser, each time for three to five seconds. He was told repeatedly to stand up and stop fighting, and was told that if he did not do so he would “get Tased again. Tabatabainejad was also stunned with the Taser when he was already handcuffed, said Carlos Zaragoza, a third-year English and history student who witnessed the incident. “(He was) no possible danger to any of the police,” Zaragoza said. “(He was) getting shocked and Tasered as he was handcuffed (Sara Taylor, Bruin senior staff).” For sake of recent news let us look at one more situation that closely ties in to all of our lives pertaining to freedom of speech and press. On September 18th, 2007 a student at University of Florida, asks U.S. Sen. John Kerry questions during a campus forum, once again law enforcement is seen using the taser gun in an inappropriate way. “Videos of the Monday night incident, posted on several Web sites and played repeatedly on television news, show University of Florida police officers pulling Meyer away from the microphone after he asks Kerry about impeaching President Bush and whether he and Bush were both members of the secret society
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