Taser Research Proposal Essay

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Research Proposal

Definition of the Research Problem/Question The research topic we have chosen to research is Tasers. The use of Tasers has been a very controversial topic in the last few years. Reporters, doctors, and human rights groups have all expressed concern that police officers will use a Taser in situations when no weapon is required and concern has also been expressed over if the Taser is really a less-lethal option. No one claims the use of Tasers to be risk-free but studies have found them comparatively safe. We believe that people opposed to Tasers ignore a body of the reports showing the technology is safe and effective. The research question we hope to answer is: Is the deployment of a Taser a safe and viable
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The media has made this topic a very controversial topic. If there is a story of someone getting tased anywhere in the United States for anything, including having a weapon in their hand pointed at a law enforcement officer, it will be on the Ten o'clock news top story. The media makes citizens question law enforcement actions because they only show the part of the story that has the greatest shock factor. The reporters play the part of the video that makes the point they do not show the complete video and explain what happened. Another issue that is on the rise is citizens believing that some suspects that die after being tased is the result of the Taser. This is another problem the media has created by telling the initial story and flashing Taser death all over the screen and don't do a follow up story explaining the other reason why the person died that was tased. There is usually a medical condition involved with the death. If the public does not receive the whole story how can they make an informed decision if Tasers are a safe and viable option to deadly force.
In our research study we hope to show that the goal to Tasers it to provide law enforcement with alternatives to deadly force in order to minimize harm to both community members and police. We also want to show that no use of devices or techniques may be safe to everyone, but that we can't look just

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