Tashan And Mark: A Fictional Narrative

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Tashan was walking down the street and then BAM! Mark came out of nowhere and tackled Tashan and Crack his glasses smash on the hard grainy sidewalk smashing into a million pieces while Mark is running away laughing and saying “see in school on wednesday loser.” After this had happened Tashan came running home crying and when he got home he ran to his room and said “i’m done, i'm sick of this happening” and his Mom came in with her arms open and a nice big bowl of chicken noodle soup. Tashan had lived in a wealthy community called Overland Bark in Utah. He had lived in a three story house on Oak street the house he had lived in was brown and had a light brown tint to it. He had one sister named Kate who was about 5’9 and had brown hair and greenish blue eyes his parents were the nicest and kindest parents ever but sometimes they were a little strict when they had to lay down the law. Tashan was 5’5 had brown hair and brown eyes with a big pair of glasses…show more content…
With Tashan walking up to the school gulping saying “i'm scared” then when Tashan walked in Mark was waiting for him with his shoulders slouched on the freshly white painted wall Mark walked up to him and said “I’ve dealt with all of my special friends today except one person you” Then Mark put his shoulder around Tashan and then whispered into Tashans ear “you're next.” Ounce school was over Tashan was shivering with fear and as Tashans teeth were chattering like a machine gun then BAM! Mark came out with a huge punch straight square on Tashan’s face, breaking his glasses and Him falling on to the ground like a sack of potatoes. When Tashan got up he knew something was wrong Tashan could barely see anything everything was blurry. Teachers rushed around and the next thing that I knew I was under a bright light with the doctors “saying we need the needle now.” Then everything went
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