Task 1 Accreditation Audit Essay

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Accreditation Audit Task 1. A1. Communication, this is the key focus area that is evaluated in this summary. Communication is a key focus area of the joint commission audit and is also a key area in which Nightingale Community can make enhancements. Communications must be a two way free flow of information. The information exchanges occur between providers, staff, and patients or clients. This was an area that needed improvement was noted in the previous accreditation audit. Some noted prior issues from 2 years ago included patient and family education and information not being properly disseminated to the nursing staff. These are areas where we have targeted and currently meet. Some areas that we continue to work on are as follows.…show more content…
We will make sure that per our hospital policy we will I.D. the site at admission, whenever there is a patient transfer, and at preop we will communicate this with the patient whenever the patient is aware. We will strive to make sure that the surgical sites are appropriately marked per the site I.D. policy and that the patient is interactive in the process when applicable. As part of this policy we will also make sure that all necessary medical records and labs are readily available for the procedure. We will also make sure that all possibly needed equipment and supplies are present. The verbal order read back initiated by the hospital has improved with all but one department exceeding a 90% ratio. This will be a focus area for the Ortho department, as they will have a goal to reach of exceed 90% within the remaining accreditation period. We will continue to quantify the results of all departments monthly as well as evaluate the Orhto department to determine if there are any roadblocks to attaining the improvement goal. The second lowest score is currently being achieved by the surgical unit although they are doing well we will target this department for ongoing training. All departments will continue to receive documentation and training in this area. Abbreviations as part of the communication plan; currently Nightingale Community evaluates the non-approved abbreviations monthly and has made improvements during the accreditation audit period. Non
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