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GKE Task 1 Part A:
Over the centuries there have been many different environmental and geographical factors that have shaped the development of the United States. Two of these factors that I feel are extremely significant to this development are the Irish Potato Famine and the discovery of gold in California. The Irish Potato Famine began in Ireland in September 1845. The famine was caused by an airborne fungus, phytophthora infetans, which attacks the leaves of the plant, turning them black, causing them to curl and rot, ultimately killing the plant. The rotting plant makes the perfect environment for the fungus to multiply. The wind then carries the fungus spores to more healthy plants. (Irish Potato Famine,
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The cultural trade was also a two-way street. The Egyptians started representing themselves artistically and fashionably as the Romans did with a more Greco-Roman style (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, 2000). Both civilizations came to be known as some of the most prosperous and successful civilizations of the ancient world.

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