Task 1 Professinal Roles and Values

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Melonie Miller Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1 A: Delivering quality care is the priority of the nursing profession as an institution and in order to facilitate this, data driven indicators are employed to measure how effective the care environment is. These nursing sensitive indicators include complications such as urinary tract infection, patient falls, surgical complications, length of hospital stay, restraint prevalence, incidences of failure to rescue, patient satisfaction, pressure ulcers and nursing satisfaction. In the case of Mr. J, the demented rabbi, who as a nurse supervisor I am responsible for, nursing sensitive indicators are crucial in monitoring the level of care and making adjustments so that the…show more content…
Without understanding nurse sensitive indicators, nurses would have no way to identify and address serious problems like patient cooperation or risk of infection or injury. B: Nursing sensitive indicators provide a quantitative and empirical means by which nurses can evaluate the process of care for the patient and so adjust their practice accordingly. In both the case of the excessive use of restraints and making the patient dissatisfied by providing non-kosher food there is an indication that the patient is getting poor care. Without them, nurses would have no way to figure out how to improve the quality of care. By measuring nursing sensitive indicators hospital wide and collecting this information, quality patient care in hospitals can be advanced due to the administrators knowing which areas of practice nurses need to improve. All organizations, including hospitals have institutional cultures, these cultures can potentially have a positive or negative effect on desired outcomes. In the case of hospitals this would be the quality of patient care. If the institutional culture of nurses in the hospital promotes negligence in care, lack of respect for patient autonomy, or poor prioritization, the nursing sensitive indicators should reveal it as for example: negligent care would lead to higher rates of falls and complications acquired during the patient stay. An example of where a hospital using nursing

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