Task 2.3 Group Dynamics And Teamwork

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Task 2.3 - Group Dynamics and Teamwork The organization would be considered a formal group, identified by the organizational structure, with this office being a functional group since it operates as a full-time department team performing ongoing work to achieve organizational objectives. Group dynamics is the forces that operate in groups that affect task performance and human resource maintenance (Wiesner, 2010). While there are a number of models on group development such as Tuckman or Gersick (1988) this office group is in the early stages of group formation regardless of which model is used. However, observing the Tuckman model, the Forming stage determining the accepted behavior, real tasks and rules of the group could become complicated, since such factors as: having multiple memberships (e.g. organization, social events); prior experience with group members in other contexts (monthly area meetings); and impressions of organization philosophies, goals and policies may affect how the members initially behave in the newly formed group (Wood et. al. 2010, p. 218). This stage and the Storming stage will be important in determining how timely and effectively the group can reach the Initial and Total integration stages to become a mature, organized and well-functioning group. The group would be aware of the required behaviors of the organization, such as punctuality, customer service and staff co-operation, but new prominent behaviors may arise such as Aloknath taking on
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