Task 2: Est1 Essay example

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John Rolph EST1: Ethical Situations in Business Task 2 Standards and Procedures 1.) Information Confidentiality: As an employee, you will be exposed to client-sensitive as well as company-sensitive information that is to be viewed only by those who have the authority or permission to do so. Such information to be considered “confidential” includes business contracts, financial information, internal correspondence, and any and all documentation (electronic or paper-based) that is not authorized to be disclosed to the public. Disclosure of sensitive information will lead to immediate termination and possible charges/fines (depending on the severity of the violation) as is legal under state and federal law. Employees should not…show more content…
We push to have safe, friendly, and clean working spaces in order for internal duties to be fulfilled and communications to be delivered effectively. It is prohibited to abuse or take advantage of a working space, company computer, or other appliances and facilities for personal gain or recreation. Interactions with fellow team members and management staff are to be professional in nature and not threatening in any way or that prevents Company work from being completed. A positive working environment enables productivity and innovation. Each employee must adhere to the Employee Handbook for added clarity on language and conduct. While in the workplace, negative and threatening language and behavior is not tolerable and is to be reported to the appropriate supervisor(s) and to Human Resources. 4.) Employee Compliance to the Code: The entire staff is expected to be compliant to the rules and regulations set forth by Company X. Reported accounts of non-compliance will lead to an internal investigation of both the accuser as well as the accused; disciplinary action will necessarily follow if company rules and regulations have not been adhered to or improperly dismissed. Granted that there are many different situations that could arise in which one would believe unethical behavior or misconduct transpired; therefore, it is suggested that first the issue in question is evaluated before presenting to one’s direct
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