Task 2

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Task 2, Community Health (C228)
Edward Croston
Western Governors University

Task 2, Community Health (C228)
Measles was at one time in the not too distant past, a killer of those that became infected. Measles has been around for centuries. The first published, written account of the disease was in the ninth century by a Persian doctor. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website on measles, it was not until 1757 that a Scottish physician, named Francis Home, proved that something infectious in the blood was causing the disease. By the early 1900’s, the United States began requiring every healthcare provider and laboratory to report all identified cases, with approximately 6,000 deaths being
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This outbreak was large and included several states. The outbreak was connected to a California amusement park. Although no source was identified, it is believed that the outbreak most likely started when an international traveler visited the amusement park during the time in which they were infectious. The CDC analyzed the strain of the virus (B3) and concluded the outbreak was the same as the strain that triggered a large outbreak in the Philippines in 2014. That one exposure in the theme park in California brought outbreaks in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The countries of Canada and Mexico also had cases linked to the California theme park outbreak. This is an example of just how contagious and how fast measles can spread. (Zipprich et al., 2015, p. 3)
Every person that has not been vaccinated by the MMR is at risk of contracting the disease. In the CDC’s vigilance to keep the United States free of measles, it has listed several key challenges. They are the following: * First dose of the MMR vaccine at 12 to 15 months of age; * Second dose of the MMR vaccine when school-aged; * Vaccinating all high-risk groups, i.e. healthcare personnel and international travelers; * Keeping measles in the healthcare and public eye; * Collaborating with government and international agencies to reduce mortality and expand measles elimination goals on a global level. ("Vaccines and

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