Task-Based Learning

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In this essay , we are going to talk about Task-Based Language Learning (TBLL) or else known as Task-Based Instruction(TBI) and how it implies in the classroom .Task-Based Learning started to gain some currency from 1996 when Jane Willis published a book entitled :A Framework for Task-Based Learning (Longman) . But though , Willis (1996) suggested that before the 80’s that the model of PPP ( Presentation , Practice and Performance) was the traditional way of learning and teaching activity . This model is based on the presentation which is before practice and in the end of this activity ,the result or else outcome is called performance .
According to Willis (1996) ,the first change on the learning and teaching activity was proposed by N.
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At this step , we have the outcome of the activity . Through this step , the real world is coming into the classroom and it brings new information about the target language and for this reason , the learners ,via these activities , see what they have learnt . The most difficult part of this step is that the teacher must show to learners how to understand this and this happens when the teacher asks them to find a word or phrase in which there is a grammatical phenomenon and so on . Again , the teacher is the person who conducts the classroom because he is the one who makes the learners start and continue on their own .
But what kind of tasks should a teacher use ?
There is a big variety of tasks . Based on Richards & Rodgers (1986:234) ,jigsaw is a task in which learners can combine pieces in order to form a whole .Another activity is the information-gap tasks where two students or groups have a text in which some information are separated between them and they have to find out which information are these . An other important task is problem-solving task in which students have a problem and they are asked to solve it .
After having discussed about the term “Task-Based Learning” ,the steps of the task and a variety of tasks , we must also define what is learning , which is the role of the
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