Essay about Task Centered Approach in Social Work

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The purpose for this assignment is to highlight the main features of one social worker method. Within this essay, I will include social work intervention prior to the introduction of task-centred practice. This will provide an insight in to why task-centred methods were introduced. I will also portray the strengths and weaknesses of task-centred practice. The essay will also depict the underlying theory that underpins task-centred practice in relation to social work. I will endeavour to critically analyse the effectiveness of this approach. I will then compare this approach with crisis intervention and provide an analysis of the similarities between them. Throughout this assignment I will incorporate anti-discriminative and anti-oppressive…show more content…
He states that the task centred model is “ a basis for learning about the world and being accepted within it.” The basics of this method focus on problem-solving and short-term application. As Ford and Postle (1998, pg 52) suggest ‘The approach is designed to help in the resolution of difficulties that people experience in interacting with their social situations, where internal feelings of discomfort are associated with events in the external world’. This statement may confirm that task-centred can be applied in most settings or interactions with any clients. Although some research evidence suggests it should only be used specifically in the following problem solving areas: · Conflict within families or work related situations · Young adults find themselves alone or away from home · Problems with dealing with organisations · Dealing with new roles, becoming a parent, new relationships · Problems moving from one role or situation to another · Illness or bereavement · Unable to access material resources · Behavioural problems Reid cited in Ford and Postle, (2000) As a social worker dealing with any of the above situations, I would suggest that it is not the duty of the social worker to take responsibility for the clients’ problems. The problem must be recognised by the client in order for the social worker to work in collaboration with him/her Coulshed & Orme (1998). However, since being placed at
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