Task P5. Hand Powered Can Crusher

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Task 1-P5
Hand powered can crusher
The hand powered can crusher design is of a can crusher that is operated by hand. The material the crusher is made out of Cast al-alloy, this is a relatively strong material as well as having a low density, this is good because it will be light enough to carry around wherever you go. The height of the can crusher is 150 mm and the width is 70 mm, these are ideal dimensions because the dimensions of an average beverage care are 122.7 mm height and 54.1 mm height, this means that the can crusher will fit the beverage can inside it whilst also being easily storable when not in use due to the small size. The crushing plate of the can crusher is made out of low carbon steel (mild steel), this is a good
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The top part of the can crusher is also removable, this is for easy storage and it is the only way of getting the can inside the crusher to be crushed. The crushing plate has a thickness of 20mm. The can crusher is hand a foot operated so it can be used by everyone; this includes people with disabilities such as not having the use of their arms or legs.

Electrically powered can crusher
The motorised can crusher design proposal is about a can crusher that is powered by a motor that will push the crushing plate towards the can to crush it, there is a button on the side to turn the motor on. The material used to make this crusher is stainless steel for the casing and the crushing plate is made from aluminium of thickness 15mm. the height the can crusher 200 mm and the width of the can crusher is 250 mm.

Task 2-P6
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Task 3-P7
Hand powered can crusher
The hand powered can crusher meets all the criteria set out in the design brief. It is made from low carbon steel and cast al-alloy, these are relatively cheap materials, the lever of the hand powered can crusher is 70 mm long, it runs on a bearing system so the friction forces are reduced and it is easy for people to use. The top bit of this crusher is removable for easy storage in kitchen
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