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SUBJECT ASSIGNMENTTASKS AND PROJECTS Contents A. Analyse this project according to the criteria laid down by Rib and Vidal, Fied-Booth and Legutke and Thomas for project work. 1. Presentation a. Goals b. Topic orientation c.Input 2. Focus 3. Teacher Role 4. Learner Role 5. Procedure a. Classroom research context b. Environmental classroom factors c. The opportunities for production (oral and written) the material provides. 6. Language focus 7. Analysis a. Fried- Booth theories 1. Analysis from point of view of the classroom planning. 2. Carrying out the project 3. Review and monitoring the work b. Ribe and Vidal theories 1. Context and structure of the material regarding the organization as a project. 2. Creating a good…show more content…
The use of the music in the English classroom as we know is making the entire process of learning easier to assimilate and the entire task will be more enjoyable for the students. According to the Krashens theory, the emotional state of the learner acts as afilter .Then in the project case the music filter is regarding as a considerable input to enhance the motivation and the comprehension of the students therefore they will be able to assimilate the knowledge in an beneficial manner and will develop also their personalities. 2. Focus. In accordance with the theories Fried-Booth in language teaching consider that most organized language learning takes place in the classroom. What is taught in the classroom may in theory be useful, but usefulness does not always extend to practice. Often, there is a gap between the language the students are taught and the language they in fact require. It is this gap that project work can help to bridge. (Fried-Booth 1986, p. 5). In music project students could practice English skills on developing a music project. The focus of the activities is to enhance and attract the development of the language itself through music this is seen as a vehicle of learning. Various activities could include read about composers and instruments, develop motivating activities like writing about themselves, and expose their favorite songs and also involving
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