Task of the International Marketing Researcher

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International marketing
Companies competing in the 21st century are seeking to increase revenues, growth and broaden geographic scope by entering new markets. Companies have to respond to the increasing pace of conducting business in these global markets. This in turn leads to the first step in the marketing process which is to conduct market research in order to receive timely, accurate and correct information that is required to deal with these challenges in this increasingly rapid paced competitive environment.

“One member of the audience asked Duan how companies obtain market research about Chinese consumers. Not easily as it turns out” (7)

Market research is traditionally defined as “the systematic gathering,
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However, this figure was skewed as they did not take into account or failed to admit that when doctors completed a “Death Certificate” they stated that the patient died from pneumonia or TB etc and not from the main reason which was AIDS. So this turned out to be unreliable data. The researcher must consider the reliability of secondary data before attempting to utilise this information.

If we look at comparability of available data we must consider the following: For e.g. if a researcher wanted to use census data from Angola, the last time a census was done was in 1970 and in turn this information would be very outdated and not comparable.

If we consider the validity of secondary data we must always verify and interpret the data received very circumspectly. For e.g. if a researcher wanted to check the readership of South African daily newspapers in 2004, the information provided by the daily newspaper “ThisDay” would have been invalid as it inflated its readership to obtain more advertising and to receive increased advertising rates. To rectify and to validate the data received the researcher could have obtained actual records from the printing press to verify and compare figures of newspapers actually printed.

Gathering primary data
Once all secondary data is collected and it is not enough to answer the research questions satisfactorily, then the researcher must collect primary
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