Tasmanian Devil Essay

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The all of tasmanian animals are becoming endangered from dehabitation.The t-devil are dieing from DFTD.The invasive specie are kill the t-devils by the year.People are endangered tasmanian devil and rat and invasive specie giving them disease and take there food. The tazmanian devil are suffering from a disease called devil facial tumor disease or a (DFTD) and people are destroying their home. 1 The time was noticed the disease in 1996 when it spread 80% of the tasmanian devil population. 1 According to Department of Primary Industries DFTD is extremely unusual: it is one of only four known naturally occurring transmissible cancers. 1 It is transmitted like a contagious disease between individuals through biting and other close contact. 1 The disease attack mature adolescents(witch in the t-devilcase 2 years old). 1 According to Department of Primary Industries In diseased areas, nearly all sexually mature Tasmanian devils (older than…show more content…
That it would be really bad for Tasmanian animals and habitats.So stop cuting trees down in Tasmania.2 Unmanageable wildfire are constantly appearing. 2 According to park and wildlife service Unmanageable wildfires are probably the greatest realistic threat that could cause rapid, large-scale major ecological impacts to the World Heritage Area.2 Illegal activities are going on in tasmania.2 According to park and wildlife service Especially the illegal cutting and removal of Huon pine and other valuable timbers; the illegal introduction of trout into trout-free lakes; arson and other unlawful lighting of fires; removal of mineral specimens, and unauthorised track cutting into remote areas.We should stop distorting the habbat and focus on saving
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