Taste And Cultural Opinion On Taste

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Taste in incredibly complex and subjective. It can be both a personal and cultural opinion that holds influence over the world around us and how we as a society and an audience think, feel and view things we are presented with. Taste is an integral part of modern consumption and can change and evolve over time considerably along with our own personal experiences and opinion. Taste can inexplicably cause conflict due to its fickle nature, this can lead to taste becoming a problem. If something does not conform to society and culture’s taste then it will most likely be subject to censorship, in an effort to make the content conform and become tasteful. In this essay I shall be looking at three different things that have all been affected issues of taste and cultural opinion along with censorship. The use of censorship in tandem with taste is an interesting link that I shall hopefully explore and discuss.
FUCKOFFEE is a coffee shop on Bermondsey Street located in the borough of Southwark in London. It has recently made the headlines around the world due to the shops exterior signage. The business owners were eventually threatened by the landlord with court proceedings and a legal injunction after the sign was brought to their attention. The landlord demanded that the sign must be changed so it no longer contained the word fuck as it was deemed inappropriate and not suitable due to the shops location and prominence within the local community; the shop’s owners eventually…

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