Taste Of Love

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A Taste of Love in the Sunset of Life Human beings have always struggled to have a balance in all the different areas of their life. The book The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach besides exploring the life of some of the members of the Westish baseball team, he also tells the story of some other characters off the field; Guert Affenlight is one of those characters. Throughout the book, readers can notice the changes Affenlight goes through in order to explore aspects of his life he did not know. Harbach starts telling the story of how Affenlight focused all his energy on his professional life, leaving aside his personal life. At the of age of sixty, this character had never experienced love and had never enjoyed a relationship with someone. The…show more content…
One of the most important events was his contact with Owen. Before stablishing a relationship with this student, Affenlight was already being influenced by him. One of the programs Guert is pursuing includes low-flow plumbing and a complete carbon inventory. Affenlight tries to convince Bruce Gibbs, chairman of the trustees, that that the students themselves are doing much of the research and labor (59); however, the only student Affenlight is working with is Owen. Despite Affenlight understands how difficult is to promote this kind of programs, since he was the school’s major fundraiser, he wants to show Owen that he can accomplish the environmental programs they are working on. This behavior shows how Affenlight starts to develop a genuine love for Owen. Another important event in Affenlight’s life is the return of his daughter Pella. Her return makes him reflect upon his need to have her close to him and to be a good father. According Harbach “He regretted only a single loss – those years he’d missed of Pella’s life and the string of errors that led to a loss like that was so thick and knotted that he’d never found one end of the string” (431). Hence, Affenlight’s contact with Owen and the return of his…show more content…
His professional life is not a priority anymore. The main reason Affelinligh attended the baseball games was his interest in seeing Owen. after his conversation with Bruce about the programs he was promoting, Guert rushed to the baseball field to see the student who was starting to influences all his actions. That day Affenlight had to go to the airport to pick Pella up, and he was aware of that, but his desire to see Owen led him to do many rash things. Affenlight knows Henry, the main character of the book, because he is Owen’s roommate. They started talking at the hospital while waiting for news about Owen. Affenlight is keeps informed about the team performance and how Owen does in
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