Tastefully Taking Over China

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Tastefully Taking Over China As the leader of a multimillion dollar fast food company I would expand my business and open a resturant in China. They have a large economy with a large population and a growing middle class. Even though there are cultural differences, different tax codes and political and economic differences it is still one of the best countries to start a business because it has one of the strongest economies in the world. With China ranked second to the United States as the world’s strongest economies I see it fit to take advantage of this market because there are not many American fast food companies in the country and they don’t offer the same type of meals as we do. Of all the countries to choose from I see China as…show more content…
With great assessment and researching, the pros have outweighed the cons. I’ve visited China several times and first hand saw the need for a fast food chain line ours. American and western investors and businessmen who live and work in China will also welcome our cuisine as well as the growing middle class. Western culture has been increasing in China and millennials are living like westerners’ their age. Something to keep in mind is that Chinese are health conscious just like western millennials are and we therefore has to accommodate that need as we stated doing in the US to stay popular among out top customers. “As Chinese consumers earn more discretionary income, they want the quality, brand, convenience, and service associated with Western brands. Consumers often buy goods and services at stores, restaurants, and service establishments that are franchises, thus many US franchises help fill the needs of China’s fast-growing middle class. This group is largely a young, upwardly mobile, and aspirational two-income family demographic with one child and considerable discretionary income. The large group of middle- and upper-class consumers can afford to buy more than basic necessities, and many members want to show their wealth through what they buy—for example, by purchasing a cup of expensive foreign-branded coffee and walking around with it. They are purchasing big-ticket, branded items—often on their credit cards”. (Chinese Business

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