Tastykakes Sensables Case Study

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I. Introduction
Founded over 90 years ago, Tasty Baking Co.’s Tastykakes have been one of the most popular snack foods in the Philadelphia area. However, due to stagnant sales, CEO Charles Piźzi decided that a line extension for Tastykakes would be the right solution to boost performance. With the help of marketing manager Karen Schutz and research manager John Sawicki, Tasty Baking Co set out to ride the emerging trend on healthier snacks and embark on the journey to produce and launch a new line of low-carb Tastykakes (later to be named Sensables) with a tight deadline.
II. Problem Statement
Given the story on the development process of Sensables, how did that process compare with the new products process discussed in the book? Would
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As mentioned earlier, there is no business plan of any sort involved in the case. However, it is evidenced that ever since the beginning, Schutz and Sawicki have been busy periodically creating samples of their new product. Because of this, the proper minor tweaks were made and the doughnuts were discontinued. It is also seen how Schutz continually considers on how to market the brand extension.While Sawicki is busy developing a product according to protocol, Schutz is readying the sales team.
Phase 5: Launch
This is the phase where commercialization of the plans and prototypes from the development phase and the distribution and sale of the new product begin (Crawford and Di Benedetto). The case does not delve into specifics of after the launch. From what can be analysed in the case, Schutz had already made the necessary arrangements by preparing the sales force for the introduction of the brand extension. Upon launch, it was also mentioned that the local newspapers and radio shows were covering their Sensables line.
Other commendable events that we see throughout the case include:
1. Constant communication either between Schutz and Sawicki, or Melchiorre, or the suppliers.
2. Continuous marketing effort of Schutz throughout the development process.
3. Excellent team effort between Schutz and Sawicki.

IV. Conclusions and Recommendations
Although there were similarities between the product development process

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