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Marketing Management Tata Ace Case Study Solution 1. Analyze the Commercial Vehicle Industry at both Global and Indian scenario? Which are the top 5 countries for CV Industry. Indian Scenario- Indian Commercial Vehicle industry can be mainly segmented into * LCV and * M&HCV industry. LCV consist of three wheelers and four wheelers up to 1 ton capacity. Tata, Bajaj, Mahindra, Force motors and Piaggio are the major players of LCV industry. M&HCV consist of four wheelers such as medium sized pickups, single axle and multi axle buses and trucks. Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra, Eicher, Volvo and Swaraj Mazda are major the players of M&HCV industry. Also, two wheelers, passenger cars and SUV’s were also used for freight…show more content…
The major players in 3W industry in India were: * Bajaj * Piaggio * Force Motors * Mahindra & Mahindra(M&M) 4. What was the concept of Tata Ace and how it was suppose to overcome all the problems of existing 3W or less than 1 Ton LCV segment? Tata Motors offers the most comprehensive range of commercial, passenger and multi-utility vehicles and has continuously evolved, adding value to its product. Recognizing the need to transport goods speedily, conveniently and in a cost effective manner with comfort, style and ease of maintenance, Tata Motors developed the Tata Ace. Tata Ace was a new revolution in transport, which changed the competitive landscape of the small commercial vehicle segment. Key features of Tata Ace: * Versatility – Conveniently used in urban as well as rural areas. * Savings – Low operating costs. * Style – Car-like interiors and numerous accessories. * Performance – 700cc engine delivering power of 16hp@3200rpm. * Comfort –Several big and small features. * Safety-Designed and manufactured using high strength steel. Prior to the launch of the Ace, the small load transport segment was served by the three wheelers which were noisy, unsafe, and slow and could overturn when carrying large payloads. The problems associated with the existing 3W or less than 1 Ton LCV segment are as follows: * A three-wheeled product, even with the Tata Motors brand name would

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