Tata Computer Services Ltd.

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In today’s technologically advanced world of computers, computer and data corporations are in extremely high demand. With billions of computer and data tech systems worldwide, the amount of customers and potential customers are boundless, as fully realized by the Raju brothers in 1987. Seeking to take advantage of the rapidly emerging tech market, Rama Raju and Ramalinga Raju, incorporated a private limited company titled Satyam Computer Services Ltd., on June 24th 1987. Embarking off on a business venture, with just 20 employees, the Raju brothers begin selling software development and consultancy services to large corporations. Located in Hyderabad, India, which is the state capital of Telangana and a beehive for technology, Satyam begin…show more content…
With such large blooming success, many awards followed suit. Founding brother, Ramalinga Raju, who was then Chairman, received the Dataquest IT Man of the Year 2000, followed by the company becoming certified 2 by BVQI.A certification of 2 by BVQI, which is the Bureau Veritas, is an award in the consumer products and commodities testing. The following year Satyam Computer Services became the world’s first ISO 9001, in 2001. This second certification, of ISO 9001, means an organization that has met the requirements of ISO9001. ISO 9001 is the term coined for focusing on meeting customer expectations, and delivering customer satisfaction. However, Saytam’s success did not stop here, in 2003 continued to grow rapidly with the close of a World Bank sale that granted Satyam a long term contract for providing IT services. As growth continued rapidly, the Global Institutional Investors issued a Corporate Governance Survey, in which Satyam ranked 3rd, in 2005. However, these ‘days of gold’ were not predestined to last long, and looking back in hindsight it is questionable whether these were really ‘days of gold’ or rather the happy picture painted by the scandal. The beginning of the end of Satyam Computer Services Ltd came in 2008, approximately 21 years after embarking on this business venture. In a claim, to use the large amount of cash available
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