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Introduction Traditional marketing mix consists of 4P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) now it’s extended to 7P’s the additional 3P’s are useful for services industry which will help the company to provide good services to their consumers. Only the additional 3P’s will be discussed which is related to services industry Following are the additional 3P’s 1. People 2. Process 3. Physical INNOVATION Innovation in Tata Motors is not a recent phenomenon, but is a part of its legacy. The Company’s culture of perpetual search for excellence is highly attributed to the Tata’s ethos and incessant efforts of its employees in the past several decades to serve the customers by bringing continuous innovation in its products and processes. I…show more content…
This has created a culture of exploring various innovative ways to achieve excellence in all the organizational processes. Tata Motors in the past has received the “Hall of Fame” award for BSC, JRQV award, CII-EXIM award and many other such awards which prove the effective deployment of the model. • Use of IT systems has been a benchmark and highly leveraged in the organization throughout the VALUE CHAIN. Supply Side – Free-Markets/ARIBA for e-Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Design – PLM, Advanced Computer Aided design (CAD), etc. Enterprise Resource Planning – SAP for enhancing transaction effectiveness. Demand side - (CRM) with SIEBEL , a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management program, enabling it to gain market insights by exploiting the huge online customer transaction database. It is the largest deployment of a customer management tool across the automotive world till date. • Product Development Process Institutionalized Stage Gate process in the organization is a benchmark in itself and ensures development of right product for the market and also an effective and efficient program management. Transition from in-house product development to a collaborative product Development, utilizing the capabilities of suppliers, design houses, Subsidiaries and associate companies specializing in different verticals. • Internalization philosophy: Tata Motors made some major global

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