Tata Motors : Building The Nano

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1. In order to know what inspired Tata Motors to build the Nano, it is important to understand that Tata Motors, according to the case, is committed to improving and working on the different areas of life of communities. Those areas are: employability, education, health and environment. Since Tata Motors is very concerned about the life of the community, and “family” is an important element that forms a community, I would say that along with another reason, the struggle of the Indian family was one of the factors that inspired Tata Motors to build the Nano. To include, the people were demanding more on the motorcycles and scooters because it doesn’t cost them as much as a car. Families were using these to travel with four passengers, and…show more content…
It has a strong passenger compartments with the required safety features, has the adequate comfort, its fuel efficient, plus it is low priced and environmentally friendly. In my opinion, low price doesn’t automatically means low quality. For example, the Nano has low price because it is based on the Indian consumer affordability, wants, and needs. Since the car is built based on their needs, the car’s quality and price is satisfying for them. The answer will always depend on the living styles of each person. 3. The delay in the Nano launch started when Tata bought 600 acres of land in West Bengal in order to build the manufacturer for the Nano. Tata thought that the land was owned by the government, but in reality it was owned by the local farmers of West Bengal. The farmers protested against the new plant and also accused Tata that they were forced from their land. Farmers claimed a better compensation, because the government only gave them a fraction of the real worth of the land. The dispute called the attention of other activist and Tata was forced to relocate the manufacturer because he was worried that the protest will never end. Due to this, the launch of Nano was delayed for 6 months. The feature of the Indian economic environment that caused problems, is that the Indian population is very dependent on agriculture, and also of the

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