Tata Motors & Jlr Acquisition

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT INTERIM REPORT TATA MOTORS-JAGUAR LAND ROVER ACQUSITION Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Co 5 Business Strategy of Ford 6 SWOT Analysis of Tata Motors 7 Why Acquisition 9 Future study 9 References 10 Executive Summary: This project aims at analysing the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover by Tata Motors. Jaguar and Land Rover brands were held by Ford Motor Company. Ford had acquired Jaguar in 1989 and Land Rover in 2000. This project analyses the causes of selling of both the brands by Ford at a price half of what it had paid to acquire them. Further this project looks into the strategy behind…show more content…
Lord Trotman was finally asked to step down and Jacques Nasser took over as CEO. In March 2008, Ford Company sold both the globally renowned brans Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors so as to manage its financial status. Tata Motors Having analyzed the situation of Ford Company and the reason for its decision to sell Jaguar and Land Rover we will look into the situation of Tata motors and the possible reasons for its decision to acquire the firms.Analysis of the acquisition can be better understood after analysing the position of Tata Motors at the time of acquisition. SWOT analysis of Tata Motors Strengths: * Good global recognition trucks and buses. * Support from Tata Group: Can be an advantage when considering diversification options. * ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 14001 accreditations which indicates high quality establishments. Strengthens their Branding at a global level * Widespread establishment in Asian Market ( both Passenger car as well as truck and buses unit) * Better Supply Chain Management techniques mainly because of usage of SAP for supplier relationship and Supply Chain Management. Tata Motors worked very early with their suppliers in arriving at the cost estimate of the car – to the extent that even the functional specifications of the parts were completed much before even talking about the car to the markets * Experienced Workforce. Very low attrition rate in the company because of good HRM practices *
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