Tata Motors Limited Risk Analysis

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TATA MOTORS LIMITED RISK REGISTER April 2015 Risk no Risk Description Risk Information sources Likelihood (1-5) Impact (1-5) Risk Rating (Likelihood x Impact) Above acceptable rating? Mitigation actions 1 Risk of electricity lost It has been predicted that the risk of geomagnetic storms will reach the apex of 11 year cycle in 2015. These storms can threaten electric power by creating increased currents in power lines, damaging transformers and resulting in blackouts. There was 9 hours blackout triggered geomagnetic storm in 1989, and it was believed to cost $13.2 billion. Power loss could affect Tata motors on a local level forcing branches to close. Solar storms are…show more content…
However TATA company is facing leadership vacuum at theirs operations, complicating Mumbai-based, TATA need ability to navigate through falling market share in India declining auto industry.(Bloomberg, 2015) 5 4 20 yes Tata motors need to choose a new leadership who can continue with the good work of Karl, because Karl has 16 months plans of new model coming out before it death (Tatamotors.com, 2015). A new leader need to develop a better strategy to overturn the declining market share. The company culture will be a great way of starting. 3 Risk of brake failure Tata acquisition jaguar land rover face risk of losing it customer to other competitors, like ford and Aston martin due to recent report in the US over recalled Jaguar Land Rover because of problems with the brakes and lights. The national highway traffic safety administration in America issued notices with a total of 104,000 vehicles have been recalled.( the guardian, 2015) 4 5 20 yes A SWOT analysis will help Tata motor to determine which of it competitor are particularly threats and what it can offer customer buying this product, encouraging them that brake fault issue won’t happen again, in order to keep it customer and re build it reputation and brand .Cvglobal.tatamotors.com, (2015). This will also provide opportunities for Tata to offer benefit to that are not provided by their competitors. 4 Risk of airbag failure General motor has incident in march 2010, whereby the air bags failed to
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