Tata Nano Case

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Tata Motors announced in 2006, that the Nano would be manufactured in Singur, West Bengal, helped in part by a forced acquisition and reuse of farmland by the West Bengal state government to entice Tata to build there. In May 2006, the West Bengal Government decided to acquire 997 acres (initially 1013 acres were asked for) for the Tata Motors small car factory in Singur of Hooghly district.Almost 6,000 families, including many agricultural workers and marginal peasants will loose their land and livelihoods. Though the State Government has decided to compensate the land owners, no policy has been taken for the landless agricultural workers and other rural households who are
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Its compensation formula was biased in favour of non-cultivating absentee landowners, and grossly unfair to the actual cultivators, bargadars and agricultural labourers, giving rise to concerted opposition from peasants and their supporters.

The legal aspects of this case are
There are several petitions under the Right to Information (rti) Act pending before the local authorities since early 2006 demanding transparency in the land deals between the Tatas and the state government, especially regarding the farm lands in Singur. The government has not responded to a single one — a clear violation of the rti Act, 2005, which the CPM has supported very vehemently. Unfortunately, till the time the active resistance started, the state government was not willing to give even the people directly affected any information regarding the land acquisition or negotiate rehabilitation proposals.

Land Acquisition Act, 1894 & Amendments SEZ Act National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy Land Acquirer’s Legal Aid & Legal Package .Land can be acquired either by the state or the central government for the purposes listed under state and central list respectively unless the central government delegates the task to the state government under article 258(1) of the Constitution, The Land Acquisition Act,

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