Tate Simmons Case

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After being sentenced for a DUI that occurred last year in East Hempfield Township, Tate Simmons, a 35-year-old male, will serve five months in the Lancaster County Prison and six-and-a-half months on house arrest. Simmons will also have a year of parole and four years on probation. As a result of his actions, he caused a 70-year-old man to endure through severe injuries, including a brain injury.

On June 6th, 2014, Simmons had been drinking with fellow coworkers when he made the mistake of going driving. In the end, Simmons hit Paul Wagner's vehicle in East Hempfield Township on Route 283. When police tested Simmons for his blood-alcohol level, they found that he had a concentration of .198 percent, which is twice the legal limit for driving in the state of Wisconsin. Because of the accident, Wagner had to be hospitalized for more than two weeks, and he experienced a brain injury in addition to his other injuries. Both Wagner's car, a white Dodge SUV,
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Simmons will also have to go through alcohol and drug treatment. While the judge considered the fairness for the children in the accident, does it really seem fair that the 70-year-old will have a disability for the rest of his life while Simmons gets away with less than a year? Sometimes what the judge calls justice does not seem like true justice.

The judge considered the soon-to-be child, but he did not consider the fairness for the man who will have to deal with a brain injury for the rest of his life. Because of Simmons' irresponsible actions, he has altered the course of Wagner's life. In addition, there are people out there like this who are not given a harsh enough sentence for drunk driving, and they simply go and do it again and hurt another person.

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