Tatlong Taông Walang Diyos

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Tatlong Taông Walang Diyos

I. Summary
The film Tatlong Taông Walang Diyos started with the clips of artillery, missiles, soldiers, war planes and ships during World War II and there was narration of what happened, that the Philippines was occupied by the Japanese and it was three years without God.
November, 1941 when the story started as Crispin, a Filipino was looking for Rosario in the school in Laguna where she teaches. When he saw her gazing faraway waiting for someone, he went to her and the miss asked if he’s going to leave. The man is going to join the resistance against the Japanese and bid goodbye to Rosario. Rosario couldn’t do anything but offer him prayers. Crispin showed Rosario that he will miss her by holding her hand.
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A veiled man shot a Japanese man that caused exchange of fires; because of that, the Japanese asked the women and children to leave but the men must stay inside. Rosario prayed for her father and ate food that was given by Masugi. After visiting his father, Rosario’s mother wanted her to forget Crispin for it was uncertain that he was still alive. She convinces Rosario that Masugi is a good man, he repents for what he has done and he could help in freeing his father. There was a long staring moment between the mother and the daughter for Rosario was caught lying about not eating the food Masugi gave.
Men of the town were dead and only Rosario’s father was spared. The people accused treason on Rosario’s family since she was going to marry a Japanese soldier. Night came when Rosario asked Masugi the reason why he loves her. She told him that Crispin is the one she loves and that she does not want to see him again but Masugi told her that she bears his child and he wouldn’t abandon her like what Crispin did. Masugi hopes to have a son and that Rosario would also love the half Filipino half Japanese when she sees him love their child. Masugi offers to bring Francis to have Rosario checked up but she refuses, again he said that he loves her but Rosario just called him a liar.
Rosario gave birth to a baby girl; Masugi’s face was filled with delight as he cradles the baby. The family was happy. Francis convinced Rosario that Masugi is changing to his old self and
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