Tatsumaki Yuto Chapter 1 Analysis

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Chapter 1

Part 1

As Tatsumaki Yuto falls from the sky, plummeting towards an unknown landscape, this phrase leaves his mouth.

“I'm falling!~ I’m gonna die!~”

A typical phrase from a typical high school boy. Believe it or not, he's dead. He just got sent to some place he had never been, a.k.a the sky. Anyone who thinks of being reborn would generally think of a hospital.

But in reality it's way scarier!

Just as he braces himself for death, he feels a sense of weightlessness.


Something soft is pressed up against my back.

When Yuto turned his head, he saw a beautiful girl. She had long pink hair. Her eyes were a light blue, and they seemed to sparkle. Her clothes were a long, white robe that showed off her bodyline. She wasn’t wearing any shoes, it's a wonder she could go out like that.
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Attached to both sides of her waist were a pair of fluffy white angel wings. It's something you would expect to see after you die. A real live angel!
Yuto stared in awe at the mythical being carrying him, his mouth agape. It was an indescribable feeling, almost as if he himself had wings. But that feeling was destroyed by these few words.

“Looks like another piece of trash fell from the heavens.”


Yuto was confused. How could she be so pretty with a mouth like that! The contrast was just too much.

“Excuse me, but why would you say such a thing?”
“Isn’t it only natural to refer to trash as trash? Why are you even talking? I'll drop you from here if you piss me off.”

The angel only spat out some more harsh words.

Yuto could only hang there with his mouth wide open. After awhile Yuto protests.

“Hey! Aren't you supposed to be kinder to someone who just died?! Here I was minding my own business, when some foreigner in a prias runs me over! Worst part is, they backed up after seeing I was still alive! I had to watch from the sky as they threw me in a dumpster! And now I have to take this crap from an
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