Essay about Tattoo Acceptance in the Workplace

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Tattoo Acceptance in the Workplace

Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that Tattoos should be widely accepted in the workplace.
Thesis Statement: The number of people with tattoos is continually growing, but employers are still reluctant to hire those with visible tattoos.
Introduction: Is there anyone here that does not like tattoos or likes them, but would never think of getting one? Today, tattoos are a growing in popularity when before tattoos were only seen on people in a circus as an act or on military veterans who wanted to display their troop proudly. Even though there is this growing popularity of tattoos, entry-level jobs require strict dress code policies disapproving the sight of tattoos while at work.
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Only 32% of students surveyed in Arkansas, California, and Ohio believe that having visible tattoos would hinder a person’s chance of getting a job. (Bevill, Bracy, Dale, Glasgow, & Roach, 2009) It is just what they believe, not what is true.
Transition: Today’s culture is changing in allowing people to have tattoos and still gain a decent job or career.
CATO Corporation states in their employee handbook under what associates are to wear that, “No tattoos that may be considered offensive to our customers or other associates should be visible.” (CATO: The Cato Corporation, 2005) This is beginning to happen in many other companies, so that they may still be able to hire that qualified worker, without needing to dismiss that person because they have a visible tattoo. In 2010, a research poll found that 72% of those polled with tattoos had them in a place easily hidden. (Gasper, 2010) Also, there is a new was to have that tattoo, easily visible, but still not be able to see it. UV tattoos. UV Tattoos, or black light tattoos have been recently introduced into today’s tattoo market. It is applied the same as any other tattoo, it just has to be done under a blacklight in order for the tattoo artist to see his artwork in progress. The FDA has not yet given a 100 % ok of this UV ink to be safe because the phosphorus present in the ink can cause irritation to the skin, but some tattoo parlors are making organic versions and make UV tattoos
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