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Do tattoos identify a person and who they are? I myself have tattoos, many people have tattoos for all different reasons they may stand for something important in their lives could be cultural or religious people feel that tattoos are a symbol of art. Judging a person on his or her tattoos is like judging a book by its cover or judging a person based on their race.
The number of Americians getting tattoos is growing. More than one in ten Americians now have at least one tattoo(E 2015). but tattoos are still stereotyped they can stop you from getting a good job or even a fair trial.
There are many legal questions about tattoos in recent court cases. Legal experts differ on whether a tattoo can be seen as a boast about a
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Gang members in particular take pride in branding themselves as outside of the boundaries of conventional society(ukessay) Tattoos have long been a means of identifying oneself with a group or culture and because people have used tattoos for gang purposes that is not the only things tattoos stands for people see tattoos as and I feel like automactically assume you’re a gang member. 2015 my brother Keenan was killed he was shot to death outside of a barber shop he was 18 years old and now that the boy that shot him his trail is starting and they are trying to use anything they can to try to prove he was a bad person the courts are trying to lable my brother as being a gang member and use that as one of the reasons that caused his death. They do not know my brother or anything about him or what he was doing with his life they just seen his tattoos and so that’s what they are labeling him on because he is not here to say what each of his tattoos mean to him or even the meaning behind them. So be it if him and his friends have the same tattoos Thomas shooting Keenan has nothing to do with his tattoos it was a family issue and that is what they fail to see we as a family have known Thomas for a long time he was my 17 year old sister boyfriend and it was a fight that clearly went to far.
The court is looking the past the fact that he was an 18 year old just starting to live his life he was a senior in high school, got his first job working in a restaurant, just was

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