Tattoo History

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From soldier to civilians, entrepreneurs to the homeless, students to professors. What do some of these groups have that ties them together? The simple answer is tattoos, anybody can have a tattoo regardless of social status, it is the permanent representation of something the owner wanted to have with them permanently, a precious memory, a memorial to lost family, or a representation of overcoming an adversity they were faced with. Now there are many ways to get a tattoo, some will opt for traditional tribal methods involving a spike dipped into ink and repeatedly hammered to put the ink into your dermal layer, or hand poking the ink in with a bamboo shoot to make intricate shading and colors. But the method we will focus on is the American…show more content…
He designed and manufactured fourteen frame styles and patented what would become the first modern tattoo machine, in terms of frame geometry, on Aug. 13th 1929” what was special about Percy’s tattoo gun was rather than using a rotary motor it used a pair of electromagnets to cause the vibrations in the needles. This vibration was much easier to control through regulating of the current going into the system, and the other major perk of his design was the fact that instead of releasing a single frame for tattoo artists to use he instead released multiple variants allowing for a tattoo artist to choose what type of style they wanted their tattoo gun to be. This also meant it was possible to get a more specialized and comfortable tattoo gun to use. The benefit being that the artist could pick the exact design they wanted and not have to worry about the hassle of having a special ordered design which would require heavy modification. Instead Percy’s gun came with several adjustable and interchangeable sections making it very practical for the artists to change the gun on their own to make it better suit their needs. Both the tattoo gun wasn’t the most impressive of Percy’s accomplishments at this time it was instead the fact that he setup the largest tattoo supply company in the world. Instead of his product just having limited use in the united states it instead became a global standard used through ought the world. Even after he retired from his company and moved back to his home town his company still flourished and continued to provide supplies to tattoo artists around the world. His design even still had lasting impact with many of the famous tattoo artists including Sailor Jerry and Don Ed Hardy using his tattoo guns to tattoo their clients. And given he robust nature of his design many of these older tattoo guns are still
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