Tattoo Is Not As A Social Conflict

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Tattooing in our world has become more common. Tattooing has become more common in the past decade, so it is not a surprise that my interviewee believes his tattoo is not as a social conflict. I began interviewing a friend of mine who is 22 years of age; he is a Caucasian, Christian, male who lives in the Boston area. He has lived all his life in the Boston area and moved to Ohio for school, but now he is currently in the medical field pursuing a job as a physician’s assistant. I want to focus on the age group that Alex is in and the medical field that he is pursuing and how he perceives this will affect him and how statistics believe this will affect him. I want to go more in depth with a religious aspect, due to the fact that my interviewee is a Christian. I want to understand the idea of tattoos from a Christian perspective, how does his religion agree with his body ink, and how does the meaning correlate to Christianity. Throughout my research, I want to understand the hatred of tattoos according to the older generation population. I want to understand the professional mindset of tattoos in the workplace according to the medical field.

In the beginning of the interview, I asked the question “why did you decide to get a tattoo?” Alex answered promptly. “For me personally, there were two reasons. The first, like everyone else who gets tattoos, I love them… The second reason is that I wanted people to ask me about them.” in Alex’s first reason he identifies that the…

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