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A: Ink tattoos. 1 Text 1: Andy Carrington's view of tattoos are made of a young adult position. Carrington, who have tattoos, think that the meaning of tattoos with the times have changed. Previously, a tattoo was something rare, but full significance. Nowadays it is something that categorizes the working class. Most have tattoos, either because it has symbolism Christian approach or simply because it's beautiful. At the same time, he turns to whether it is because you want it or because you do self-mutilation. Do people get a tattoo because of pain? Is the thinking behind a tattoo positive or negative? Text 2: Brendan O'Neill's view of tattoos is that it is no longer something you do by rebel causes, but something that…show more content…
Already at the beginning of the post, he mentions that people who want to remove their tattoos has increased by 20 percent, which most represents “recent graduates”, who clearly have an eye on getting a cushy city job. The way he argues on provokes the reader as he writes very condescending and generally closest to look down on people with tattoos, s. 4 ll. 16-33. He claims that they can't be anything, and that they will get this so-called cushy city job. His views are also very old school. For him, it's like the norm still is to have "virgin-skin", which is a mistake. As he say: “you can’t walk down a high street without seeing scores of branded people being tattooed”, ergo, it must be the norm. Brendan O'Neill uses the appeal forms logos and ethos, to convey his message. He uses measurements quotes and situations, which makes him credible. He also arguments that affects our senses, such as the point” there’s many places where it isn't tolerated to have visible tattoos". 3. I think like Alexis Sachdev that tattoos are obese and in no way disruptive to others. It's your choice, it sits on you .. Why should it become such a big issue? For me signal tattoos nothing more than how the person is as a human being, not in a negative way, more "there must be a meaning behind the tattoo"-mode of administration. Of course, there isn't thoughts behind all tattoos, but there is

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