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Marsha Van Boening English 111 Beckmann Essay Four: Argument 22 April 2017 Tattoo Taboo Tattoos have been around for centuries, and were once used to identify various tribes, indicate social status, or sometimes they were a rite of passage to adulthood. As time passed to a more modern world, people donning tattoos were assumed to be either convicts, gang members, rock musicians, or rebellions of society and most were deemed of unsavory character. Now, with over 45 million American adults having at least one tattoo, the taboos have all but disappeared, and with today’s diversity, anywhere one might go, tattoos are seen on more and more people of all ages and races, no matter the gender and are globally accepted in most cultures. It is…show more content…
There’s a certain tattoo that we do, there’s a couple of them that we do quite regularly. It’s the same thing. People find it on the internet, print it out and say this is what I want. [There] might be slight variations but it’s basically the same tattoo. We’ll tell them while we are drawing it up, you know, we did this three times last week and the responses [were,] oh cool. And so to me it seems like people are getting tattooed now, not to set themselves apart, but to be a part of the coolness culture that it has become (Martin, 2013). With tattoos becoming a social norm, people of all ages are inking their bodies for one reason or another. They (the tattoo or the person) are not frowned upon as used to be and so are not classified as a deviant as in the past. Though people get tattoos to show their individuality, at the same time they are getting some of the same tattoos as others, only varying the color, layout, size, or design. Tattoo placement (particularly facial) can also make a difference in how one is viewed by society and may make a difference in how a person is positioned in the work force. As tattoos have become more common and accepted in society, that acceptance has trickled into the workplace. Having a permanent piece of art displayed on one’s body does not impede job performance; however, it can impede one’s ability to move forward in the job market. For instance, one may not want a facial tattoo if they plan to work in a career where they give

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